Tokyo-born artist Silva first came into the spotlight in 1998 when she
released her debut single “Sachi” in Japan.
Her soulful vocal and lyrics quickly garnered a large fan base nationwide.
What followed in the next years since then were 13 singles,
4 albums and a best-of collection. Silva produces and w
rites most of her material, and has contributed songs
and lyrics to many other artists.
Fast forward to 2003, she decided to add another title to her resume: DJ.
“I was looking for the right vehicle that would let me perform m
y music in my own, unique way,” she says. “
I originally started out singing at nightclubs; a
nd now I wanted to be back in a closer interaction with my audience.
So, DJing seemed like such a natural ride.”
Thanks to her clear-cut talent and ear for body- and soul-shaking tunes,
she became one of Japan’s most sought-after club DJs in no time.
She also began incorporating scat and live vocals over her house mix during her set.
Indeed, this distinct performance style set her further apart from other DJs around,
drawing the attention from overseas promoters and DJs.
As of March ’08, she’s already held down numerous gigs at packed nightclubs
and special events– not just in Japan but also in Korea, China,
Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore, Russia, Ukraine and the USA.
Aside from music, Silva’s dazzling presence and personality
also earned her own TV and radio shows on national networks,
a commercial spot,   and acting opportunities.
It is only appropriate for an artist of her caliber that she has successfully
launched two clothing lines in 2000 and 2007.
Already a household name in Japan,
DJ Silva is ready to take on the U.S. and European scenes
with her one-of-a-kind style and skills.
She currently has two albums and two singles in works,
set for release later this year through Tokyo-based label
For Life and NY-based King Street Sounds.
Silva returned to Tokyo from NY in 2011,
and will release her long-awaited new single as Singer Silva in spring 2012.

Her latest original single `One 2 One`(King Street Sounds NY) ,
2 albums 'Queen of House' , 'One 2 One' (For Life Japan; 2008) and her Remix Produced works
'Gotta Be Me' (Kult Records NY)/07/15/2009
'Tingling All Over'(House Calls NY)/05/25/2010
'Lift Me Up'(SOUNDMEN On WAX UK)/03/17/2010
'Stay with me' (SOUNDMEN On WAX)/03/17/2010
'Fierce' (Kult Records)/06/02/2010
are in stores now.