Animal Assisted Therapy

Besides to the musical activities during in NY, after finishing the course at university, I acquired the qualification of Animal Assisted Therapist.
By using those skills, I have tried to work vigorously on volunteer activities by visiting nursing homes and hospitals with trained therapy animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, etc.)
I unfortunately had to leave my dog with my parents in Japan, but as my dog was attacked by melano carcinoma, I started to learn about home remedy for pets, and with strong faith, I also acquired qualification as an Aroma Therapist specializing in small animals.
After learning that so many dogs, cats, rabbits are killed and are being destroyed every year, I also started to participate in worldwide activities to improve this current situation, by making donation to the NY Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and visiting the training center for therapist animals. I am trying to work hard for the world to be aware of this problem.
This message board has been created for me, Silva, as one human being, to ask everyone to know about the social problems I am trying to work on.
The qualification I acquired, Animal Assisted Therapy, is a therapy started in the 1960’s in Western countries to cure physically/mentally handicapped people and people with emotional disturbance, by touching animals under the guidance of doctors and physiotherapists. It is not only to heal, but cures people both physically and mentally.
This is being applied for both chronic disease and acute disease.
The way of curing has been studied depending on the patients’ condition, and is also effective on adjusting emotions, raising motivation and healing pain. The definition of “Therapy” is still unclear in Japan, and there is not enough data to verify this as a long term treatment, however the effect has been definitely proved for short term treatment.
This animal therapy for curing people is called AAT, Animal Assisted Therapy..

[↑ AAT Diploma qualification ]

When performing Animal Assisted Activity, since most of the times we visit handicapped people and elderly people, it is of course necessary to have the expert knowledge but is also very important to keep interpersonal manner and to know about the real meaning of volunteer activities. As for the animals, there are no national regulations yet and need to be chosen by the host. The regulation of the qualification itself is also not yet unified worldwide and is decided by the countries’ organizations.
Of course, not everyone loves animals, the way of curing is decided on the patients’ condition and the animals are selected according to it.
Recently, in many countries, abandoned animals are protected and are chosen as therapy animals after being trained.
Many ordinary people are also starting to have their pets trained as therapy animals, and after being approved by the organization, they are performing volunteer activities with their pets.
The program I studied in NY is a curriculum people perform activities according to their countries. In NY, I visited institutions for blind people, hospitals for patients for long term hospitalization, and AIDS patients.
In the United States, below organizations are making effort to spread the Animal Assisted Therapy.

Delta Society:

Green Chimneys:

OSF Health Care:


In Japan, JAHA is very eager in the activities of this field.

JAHA Japan Animal Hospital Association:

[↑ NY AAA volunteer at a hospital ]

I am still in the progress of studying and do not have enough experience yet, but am very keen on spreading this to the world and will continue activities.